Marcus Jidell is a US Grammy Nominee and Swedish Grammis Winner producer and musician.


Always driven by a big passion for music Marcus has never stopped being curious and is always trying to increase his understanding for different changers and musical expressions.


Marcus Jidell is today a member of Avatarium.

Marcus works in Studio DeepWell Sthlm .


Avatarium, Soen, The Doomsday Kingdom,  Evergrey, Royal Hunt

Session Live Musician

Candlemass, Astrakhan, Soen, Krux, Bernie Marsden, Pain, Lee Kerslake, Micky Moody.
Bruce Kulik , E-type, Grand Jam

Marcus Jidell uses

Hagström Guitars, Gibson, Fender, Caparison
Marshall Amplifiers
Olsson Amps    http://olssonamps.com,
Lundgren Pickups,
Seymour Duncan pickups
Tommy Folkesson Raptor
xotic pedals, Box of Doom Isocabs.
Marcus Jidell